Retail Management Software

Retail Management Software


This software service includes all billing features. It allows users to generate orders using simple, easy to use POS terminal with 2”, 3”, A4, A5 Invoice printing. It also has the feature to save phone numbers, generate SMS to alert customers about their offers. One of the key hallmarks for POS service is barcode tagging and reading, thermal, and laser invoice printing. These functions help to make some business processes simpler.

Features List:

1.Well Structured and Documented Code.
2.SAAS Ready with Licensing System integrated and included with Project
3.Custom Controls Used in project is Included.
4.Consists 39 Windows Forms and 16 Crystal Reports
5.Easy to Re-skin
6.Flat Modern look with custom controls.
7.Easy to use even for newbie
8.User Access Restriction based on role.
9.Get the required info at glance.
10.2 Different types of POS screens
11.Supports 2”, 3”, A5, and A4 Paper size for Invoice Printing.
12.Supports 2”, and A4 Paper size Barcode Sheet for Product Barcode Printing.
13.Print Product Barcode Label in 2” thermal paper. With sticker size 2” X 1” and 2” X 2” Detailed.
14.Print Product Barcode Label in A4 size paper. With sticker size 2” X 1” and 2” X 2” Detailed.
15.Send SMS notification to supplier for stock reminder and custom SMS.
16.Send Special Offer / Custom Message to customers.
17.Search products in sale screen using name, categories, barcode.
18.Import and Export Products using Excel.
19.Import List of suppliers to system using Excel.
20.Export Most of the data to the Excel such as list of suppliers, products, sales, transaction
21.Detailed reports for sales, purchases, expenses, product stocks.
22.Product Stock management with Low stock reminders.
23.Detailed Business reporting.
24.Fast and reliable database engine MySQL.

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